Add-On Features

Add-On Features

In order to make the product more cost effective and accessible to operations of all sizes the product comes with a set of core features and some optional add ons listed below.

Parts List / Pricing View

A full list of part can be generated instantly along with detailed pricing information. The format of the layout can be customized using the backend database.

Multi Layouts View

With this view you can combine multiple 2d and 3d views within a single page layout. All the vaie as dynamic so when you update the main design the view ports will be automatically updated.

2d / 3d Email Generation

At any stage during the design process a user can email the designs to the customer.
A custom branded email can be generated which can contain the following.

  • 2d drawing
  • 3d full coloured textured images
  • 3d model of the complete space that the customer can view on their own PC

 Please see the sample link below generated by the software.

Screen To machine

3d DXF piece part generation

Virtual Reality Link

View the 3d content using the latest Occlus Rift VR and HTC Vive head sets. 

Custom CSV export

Custom data can be exported in a variaty of formats to integrate with 3rd party CRM and ERP systems.

3d Model Export

Export 3d data in VRML 2.0 , DAE and FBX format