Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Please see a list of the benefits below.

Speed and simplicity

"Time is the ultimate commodity and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
ClosetCADPro is ultra fast and very simple to use. Its supports a clean modern user interface to make it extreamly suitable to be used in the sales environment. For usability and speed all the main design work is done using a 2d design view. The user can rapidly drag and drop predefined components and individual objects to build up a custom design with ease.
The user can also save custom components to a template library so they can be reused with ease. To generate a fully textured interactive 3d model the user simple clicks on the 3d view. No 3d expertise is required. ClosetCADPro automatically calculates the selling price so the designer can focus on designing and not waste time on pricing a job.

Real Time 3D / VR

"Excite and engage with the customer"

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ClosetCADPro can instantly generate a real-time fully textured 3d model of a custom design. The 3d model enables a customer to fully visualise and engage in the custom design process. The generated custom 3d models can be published and viewed online and linked with social media so decisions makers can review them with ease. A Virtual Reality VR option is now also available to view the 3d content using the latest Occlus Rift.

Studies have show when a customer can visualize themselves using a product they are more inclined to purchase it.  

Schlosser studied how consumers' buying intentions are influenced and affected by their participation in virtual-reality product demonstrations. She found that when users could manipulate products in the virtual world, their likelihood of making a purchase was much higher than when they received this information in a read-only, video or story board format.  

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Increased Sales

"Close more deals on site in a single visit" 

ClosetCADPro enables a sales designer to instantly create unqiue design solutions on site in front of the customer which greatly increases the sales opportunity. Different configurations with various colours, finishes and accessories can be displayed instantly to give the customer multiple options to chose from. This helps the up sell process as all the options can be viewed and compared instantly. Integrated automatic pricing calculations can be done on site to enable decision makers to act quickly and to elimate the need for multiple return visits. 


"Give the customer what they want"
ClosetCADPro enables a designer to create a unique custom design to the exact needs of the customer.  Colours and other settings can be modified globally or on an invidual basis.
3dcadsoft also offers a software customization service so you can request to have custom features added to ClosetCADPro to suit your individual requirements. Add on modules can also be developed to customize the application further. All the data is saved in an open JSON format so you query the data using 3rd party tools.

Web Enabled

"Harness the power of the Internet"
ClosetCADPro is designed to run on a desktop PC, Laptop or Windows Tablet it is not an online web application however it does use online resourses extensively to simplify distribution, maintenance and to save data remotely to the cloud. ClosetCADPro can run without an internet connection which is vital when the software is been used on site where no conectivity is available. An internet connection is only required to perform online updates, save data remotely and to email designs to customers.     

  • Simplified Installation
    The distribution of the software takes place completely over the web there is no need to execute any installation program from a Disk or CD. When the User logs on to the system for the first time the client machine is updated automatically without the user having to make any decisions. The next time the user logs on the system will be active immediately.

All in One solution

ClosetCADPro combines all of following in one easy to use design tool

  • Design.
    The program enables sales designers to rapidly design custom storage solutions on site with ease.
  • Estimation.
    An accurate quotation can be generated instantly.
  • Visualization.
    Real-time virtual 3d models including VR showroom solutions. 
    The Software can generate images in JPEG and PNG formats. 
  • Manufacturing. 
    The system produces accurate 2d drawings that can be used for production and installation purposes along with a detailed partslist and manufacturing data. 3D DXF files can exported to support custom machining.
  • Online database
    The solution is linked to an online database to store all the program settings and available parts along with pricing information.    
  • Link to 3rd party applications
    All the data is stored in human readable JSON to make it easy to integrate with any 3rd party software.
  • Customization
    Additional custom features and modules can be developed to suit the exact needs of each client.

Screen to machine

Screen to machine 

ClosetCADPro uses ISO international standards for simplicity and to ensure compatibility with other applications. 

To link to manufacturing a CSV file can be generated with all the necessary part data along with individual 3D DXF geomerty files which contain tooling and machining operations. The main advantage of using the 3D DXF format is that it is compatible with all major CAD software applications and the files can be previewed using a viewer to inspect the files for accuracy before they are sent to production.