Core Features

Core Features

Below are the core features that are available in standard version of ClosetCADPro.

Ribbon Toolbar

ClosetCADPro uses a dynamic ribbon toolbar to create a clean modern looking User Interface. All of the main design views are seperated out for ease of use.

2d plan view

ClosetCAD's integrated 2d room plan designer is used to generate the room outline and to position the closet boundaries on the various walls. A room wizard can be used to automatically generate standard reach-in and walk-in layouts. 

Irregular room shapes can be created with ease by drawing the room outline by using the mouse pointer. Nodes are added to the start and end point of each wall.  The room outline can be modified at any stage by simply moving the wall nodes.

  • Room layout wizzard
  • Irregular room shapes
  • Slanted ceilings
  • Room obstructions
  • Auto wall labeling

2d elevation view

ClosetCAD's integrated interactive 2d closet designer allows the user to rapidly build up the custom design layout by simply "dragging and dropping" components into the closet boundary. 

The auto snap and real-time component preview features enables the user to test the selected component in various locations before it is inserted into the model. A design can be changed effortlessly by simply editing each section to the desired configuration.   

  • Dynamic 2d Drag and Drop UI
  • Floor and wall mounted systems
  • Auto-Fit
  • Auto-partitions
  • Generic components

3d view

A realistic interactive 3d model of your design can be easily created instantly which allows customers to fully visualize and interact with the final design. Walk around the room to view the design from any perspective. Zoom-in to the closet open the doors ,pull out the drawers, baskets , test the pull-down rail and preview the interior all in real-time !

Our Experience has shown that when customers can participate on a real time basis with the design process, and they can interact with a high quality 3d model of the final product they feel more compelled to purchase it as it has be individually tailored by themselves and the designer to suit their exact needs.

Project Explorer

A summary of all the spaces within a project can be displayed using the project explorer. It can be also be used for global operation such as prining and emailing all the spaces in one go.

Custom component templates

A custom component library can be created for commonly used designs. These can be generated by each user or by a head office and distributed  to the design team. 

JSON file format

ClosetCADPro stores all the data in a human readible text based JSON format. 

Touch screen mode

ClosetCADPro has been design to be compatible with windows 8 based touch screen tables and PC's. The 3d viewer is also fully optimized for touch screen use. 
ClosetCADPro Touch Screen

Online backend database

ClosetCADPro uses an online database to store all of the part information, pricing data and default settings. This online DB can be accessed 24x7 by an administrator. This data is automatically downloaded when required onto the users PC.

Automatic Updates

ClosetCADPro supports an advanced versioning and automatic update feature to simplify distributing the software in the field.