ClosetCADPro will enable a professional sales designer to rapidly design, visualize and price custom storage solutions on site or in the office with ease. It uses a simple clean modern UI and for speed and simplicity all the design work is done 2d using an easy to use drag and drop UI. An interactive real time 3d model can be generated instantly to help customers to fully visualize and engage with the design process.

ClosetCADPro generates 2d drawings, 3d images and a 3d model all of which can be email to a customer with the click of a button. A Bill of material with pricing can also be generated along with detailed manufacturing data.

All the design data is stored in human readable JSON to enable the software to be integrated with any 3rd party application. 
The software is distributed over the internet so it is easy to distribute to a large number of users in diverse locations. The software  is scaleable and can be customized to the exact requirements of each client.